Boat Access available year round

Sign up for Boat Access and enjoy unlimited sailing


Whether you live in St. Thomas or not, you can join the St Thomas Yacht Club, sign up for Boat Access and enjoy more time on the water than most boat owners – and at far less cost. Boat Access entitles you to nearly unlimited sailing on an annual basis with no additional costs for boat usage.

You may sail with your own guests – there are no limits and no guest fees – or sail with other members with Boat Access.
There’s never a problem finding other members to sail with. We maintain an in-house shared list to help you connect with your fellow members and host a variety of social events throughout the year: Island races, group sails to beach barbecues, and member brunch sails are just some of the activities.

Experienced sailors new to Boat Access are given an introduction and a two hour checkout. Graduates who successfully complete our courses automatically qualify to take boats out.

Boat Access is available year round but may be limited during hurricane season (from mid-August through the end of November).

Boat Access Fees


Boat Access may be purchased annually or for a 30-day period and requires either a Blue Water Membership* (see below) or an Annual Membership in the St. Thomas Yacht Club. There are no additional costs for sailing and no guest fees.

Boat Access fees are for Individual Boat Access and are valid for all annual STYC memberships. Cruising Access includes IC-24s and Hobies, IC-24 Access includes Hobies.

If you have an Annual Family Membership and more than one family member wants to have boat access privileges, the following applies:

For Hobies: the Hobie Wave Boat Access fee includes all members of the family.

For IC-24s: each additional family member who wants boat access pays 50% of the individual rate.

Cruising Boat Access is by individual only.

*Blue Water Boat Access may be purchased in conjunction with a 30 day Blue Water Membership.  You can try out STYC membership and STSC Boat Access prior to signing up on an annual basis, or enjoy the benefits of the Yacht Club and Sailing Center while on vacation!

All of our IC-24 and Cruising courses include a Blue Water Membership in the St. Thomas Yacht Club.

Prerequisites for Cruising Boat Access

• STYC Annual Membership
• Payment of Boat Access Fee
• Cruising Course or equivalent experience and checkout.

Prerequisites for IC-24 Access

• STYC membership
• Payment of Boat Access Fee
• Learn to Sail Course or equivalent experience and checkout.

Prerequisites for Hobie Wave Access

• STYC membership
• Payment of Boat Access fee
• Introduction to Hobie Cat Sailing Course or approval of instructor

Annual Plan: 7 Days A Week 



Cruising – Hanse 385




30 Day Plan: Blue Water Boat Access*





Interested in Boat Access?


 Please read our Boat Access Policies and Procedures document below which provides all the details of the progam. If you have further questions or would like to sign up, please call or email us and we’ll get you all set to sail!


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