Sunday Big Boat Rally Series

New to the 2024 Sailing Season: Sunday Big Boat Rally!

Rally to and back from a different destination each time! 

First Gun at 10:00AM

Start locations: Cowpet Bay, Green Buoy off Cabrita Point, Two Brothers, or Outside Cow & Calf – to be announced per race

January 21, 2024: Whistling Cay through Fungi Passage

February 4, 2024: Water Island

February 24, 2024: FULL MOON – The Saint’s Race: Saturday night to St. Croix to Round St. John to STYC

March 3, 2024: Lovango Cay through Congo Cay Passage Between Grass and Thatch Cays

March 24, 2024: Outer Brass Island

April 20, 2024: FULL MOON – Around St. Thomas

Call for more information